Blogging about Hacker School?

Day 38

A short day and a long one: I left the job fair after midnight, but the coding part of the day only ran until 3:30 to squeeze in Thursday presentations before the job fair. In the morning, I attended Alex’s livehacking Markov chains demo; we basically reimplemented the work I did yesterday, but in Python, and faster. The rest of the day, I worked on my goofy generative Inform 7 project. The results were trained on Emily Short’s Bronze and they are of course mostly not valid Inform, but some are evocatively close:

To decide whether melancholy or enslaved the player:
    if the player
        say "yourself";
        rule succeeds;
    end if;

Solving is a thing is scenery.

The stone bench is not unsolved.

Understand "bite [something enterable]" as attacking.

Understand "get [things preferably held] down" as dropping.

Carry out looking toward:
    say "You can't enter [the noun]."

Instead of answering it is easier to you do this world to lit room is a long time: try dropping rule when novice mode on" as hunting.

Understand "solve [something]" as wearing.

Understand "search" as attacking.

The inkpot is that the gate.

I also tried a few approaches to separating out the Inform code from the game text and running the generators separately. More on this after a full night’s sleep.